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Many thanks this time to good friend of the Museum, Nick Lee for this quirky little piece that whilst not altogether Hawkwind related, I'm sure many of you will still find of interest.

It's the programme, well a couple of sides of paper masquerading as a programme for a production of the Robert Calvert play "The Stars That Played With Laughing Sams Dice" from 1990. To be honest I always assumed that apart from a brief run it had at a Covent Garden theatre that it had never been performed again since but this proves me wrong!

To reduce the file sizes to a manageable amount some of the quality has gone from the original scans and for that reason I've transcribed it below. 

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An ordinary American army paratrooper refuses to make the drop. Alone together on an exercise flight, private and Sargent their own war over their opposing American dream.

Sergeant McNulty, 100% red-neck-military machine, tries to persuade Private James Marshall Hendrix out of the plane and into the sky. But Hendrix is preparing to take a greater jump: into a future where his music will entrance audiences of millions and ultimately consume him.

Robert Calver't provides a fascinating insight into the psyche of Jimi Hendrix, the man who was to become the guitar hero of the sixties.

A collection of Robert calvert verse have been published by Quasar Books and Harbour Publications, also a novel Hype published by New English Library. Robert calvert did his first reading for Pentameters which was founded by Leonne Scott Matthews in 1968. Since then Pentameters has provided a platform for many new poets, playwrights, performers as well as established figures such as Kingsley Amis, Edna O'Brien, Harold Pinter and The Young Ones.

Gavins Cortina are Simon Tyler and Marc Stewart. Their first production was "Wanting" by Katie Campbell. Shortly they will present "One Piece At a Time" by Paul May.


Jimi Hendrix . . . . . . . . . . Marc Stewart
Sgt McNulty . . . . . . . . . . Simon Tyler

Directed by Gavin

Marc Stewart has worked extensively on the fringe theatre circuit. He co-devised and appeared in "Life At The Breakfast Table", played the part of Bill in Jurgen Wolffes "When It Comes To Being Happy", he also co-directed "Wanting", by Katie Campbell and played Paul in Peter Gills "Mean Tears".

Simon Tyler trained at the Academy (E.A.D.A). He has since worked as an actor and director on the fringe, his roles have included George, in David Mamets "The Duck Variations", Mick in "When It Comes To Being Happy", Stephen in "Mean Tears" (which he also directed). He directed "Wanting"  (with Marc Stewart) and has written, directed and stared in his own one man show "Sad".

Gavins cortina would like to thank Jill Calvert, Leonie Scott Matthews, Godfrey, Sheila Tyler and all the pub staff

May 1990